Friday, October 31, 2014

~ I´m so loving Green ~

Forest Fairy Hoodie Cape
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Chevon stitches
Chevon stitches

I actually started to crochet this piece for some times ago,
at first I was not quite sure what would it be. I was trying a new stitch and was my first time tried  the Chevon stitch technique.
I really like how it turns out and as I told you I love green, I really do have a weakness for green ^:^
I was thinking to keep this creation for myself, but then I think it wouldn´t be fair for others.
So I listed on my Shop and now she is gone!
I actually have my independent Shop
but somehow the system was not that perfect. Until I fix it or get a new host, you can purchase my creations through my Etsy shop instead.
If you are interested to make this piece your own then have a look at my CrochetFairyTale blog for an instruction.
But please do not expect the detail pattern as I could not describe it, really! It´s all about imagination and practice.
Play with it and you will see that to crochet is an endless possibility of creating wonderful things!
Remember, do not be afraid to make mistakes!
Wrong doing help you create your own pattern, use pattern from other and guide to find your own way and style, making your own pattern is like making your footprints on this earth.
You can be inspired from others, nothing wrong with it.
But do not only copy, trust yourself to do something new and you will see that everyone can create their own significant piece of art!


Feed yarn on your hook and crochet it away!!!!
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  1. love love love it <3 .. just love it <3 Thank you for giving your idea how to make it :))

    1. ~ ♥ ~ I´m glad to hear... Thanks for walk across my path.. Enjoy crocheting ~ ♥ ~

    2. Hi May - Well, you've done it again! This is just beautiful - I love the colors and I can see why someone purchased it immediately. I'm so glad I found you. Your creations bring me such joy. The best to you.

    3. ~ ♥ ~ Hi Susan, thank you so much for your kind word ^.^ This morning I sold the Autumn Shine one .. Such blessed that my creations be appreciated and will be wearing and cherish.. I did make a male design for my husband, hopefully to have change to take some nice photos when the Sun comes out again. Stay Blessed ~ ♥ ~


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