Monday, October 20, 2014

~ Precious moment ~

My ritual
 ~ ♥ ~

 I have made some changed on this pattern.

These are 2 sides of wrist warmers.
I will fold it in half and sew the trim.

 Now is done!

I did not attach the crochet straps and leaves on this pair.
I just stick my thumps inside one of the ch space and make it a Fingerless Gloves wrist warmers hihi!
I so love to be home and spending my day crocheting and learning new thing. Writing the patterns, sharing my love with people.
My life is so simple and I love it so much.. ♥
To purchase this beauty just click here
If you wish to make it yourself, here is a Free Pattern for you.

Have a wonderful time yourself!
~ ♥ ~


  1. Too cute! I'm dying to make the pan slippers :)

    1. ~ ♥ ~ I actually got an inspiration from another artist, but don´t remember her name at the moment. I did modified the patterns a little though. I will be sharing the pattern soon ~ ♥ ~

  2. How lovely! Thanks for sharing with us at CAL link party :)
    May I know the yarn brand you used? It's fabulous!

    1. ~ ♥ ~ Hi Maz, thank for hosting the Link Party ^.^ This is high quality acrylic yarn from Mclana Jazz..
      Have a marvelous day. ~ ♥ ~


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