Saturday, October 11, 2014

~ Autumn is here ~

I´m so loving the ever changing of Life!
~ ~
As we drove along the pathway, we couldn´t resist the beauty of the color along the way.
So we stop to capture these marvelous.
The leaves are falling and changing it´s colors.
What a Magic world we are living in ♥

Be Grounded!
~ ~
 As I glanced down below, I see the beauty of these leaves. 
Such a delightful to be Here & Now.

My favorite colors
~ ~

I see this in my dream before!
~ ~
This is my home, this is where I belong ♥

The world through the lens
~ ~
This is one of my favorite.

On the road
~ ~
 As I strike my hand on the rough street, I feel the memory of this place.

A familiar face
~ ~
Oh how much I admire You!

~ ~
Why people need vacation for, when you can just go outside and enjoy the beauty that life is offering!

~ ~
I look no further, when I realize that everything is HERE!

My Love, My Wisdom!
~ ~
As I look at you, I see nothing, but myself!

~ ~
Look at this Beauty!!!
She adopted me today.

~ ~
When I was a child, I wanted to be a Magician like my father.
When I grow up, I became a Magician just like him, then I wanted to be a Dancer, an Actress, an Artist ....... etc........ and I became all those.
Today, I drop everything, including my identity and the feeling of wanting to be this and that.
I am just simply be and that the most joyful state I have ever experienced!
Thank you so much the Universe, the great Mothers.
You have given me the most valuable feeling.
You gave me the mirror to see myself the way you see me!

And now I´m handing this mirror to You!
~ ~

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