Monday, November 3, 2014

~ From now till then ~

Last week we got a visitor
 ~ ♥ ~
 I love how Matthias always travels with his Hang and plays this wonderful instrument everywhere he got a chance. You can feel that it´s truly the rhythm of the heart and soul.

   We went up to the Castle again, it´s seems to be the place that we like to take our friends and family there.. Who wouldn´t!
It´s so beautiful up there, although the weather was somewhat cloudy, but still beautiful in it´s owns way.

 My beloved seem to fall in love with this instrument as well and I have to say, the way he communicates with this sacred is truly divine!

 After I had finished 2 pieces of Pixie Hoodie Cape (and already sold ^.^) I started the new one, but this one is for unisex so, not much of the trim movement as it´s meant to be for my husband.

 I love how it sit on him.. The painting at the back is his work ^.^
He is such talented.... I´m so proud of him..

 See, look good on a woman too ^:^
However, I attempt to make better photos outside when the Sun will show up again.. Hopefully soon though ^.^

 I now started the new piece and thinking of shorter version this time. Something like Hoodie Neck warmer kind of.. but you never know what will turn out hihihhiii ^.^

I really in love with Granny Square especially this one, although the photo doesn´t do any justice to it´s beauty.

From now till I finish my new piece and be able to share it with you, I´m just sending you my big warmth cyber hug and I shall return to my crochet hook ^.^
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Happy Monday
 ~ ♥ ~


  1. your photos are so moody and really very nice! Interesting instrument, like the look of it but better take a look on youtube to listen to the sounds too. I love the hdc solid square and used it in a blanket before - probably my most favourite project as well. Have a great week, I am starting to work on Wednesday so am so mourning the loss my free time already!

  2. ~ ♥ ~ Nice to see you here Magda ... So you are starting to work today.. Enjoy your time there.. I´m glad you like my world too.. Have you seen what I have done with Granny Squares? You need to check it out.. I got the Granny Squares fever from looked at your blankets hihihihihi.. Much love to you Sweet woman ~ ♥ ~


~ ♥ ~ I´m glad you are here ~ ♥ ~