Sunday, October 19, 2014

~ My River My Home ~

As I stand grounded with Mother Earth energy that supporting me. I feel nothing, but her blessing.
 ~ ♥ ~

 Another beautiful evening we are having here by the river.. 
Every day is truly a blessing and we will never take it for granted!
Oh, how lucky am I to be here and now with You

 Sweet Raspberry - Ear Warmers & Scarf
 ~ ♥ ~
You can find the patterns of Sweet Raspberry - Ear Warmers & Scarf in my other blog
And from now on you will find all the patterns that are written by me and other artists, who has inspired me to create beautiful things.
All patterns in my other blog will be for FREE!
As I wish so, for you to take your time to create beautiful thing for your beautiful self and your love ones!

Happy here & now!
~ ♥ ~


  1. Du machst wunderschöne, einzigartige Arbeiten und wundervolle Bilder! Du siehst so Happy aus!
    Lg Dana

  2. ~ ♥ ~ Vielen Dank Dana ^:^ Du auch, du machst sehr schöne Mützen...
    Alles liebe ~ ♥ ~


~ ♥ ~ I´m glad you are here ~ ♥ ~