Tuesday, October 7, 2014

~ Art Mart ~

Kunst Mart!
~ ♥ ~
 Last Saturday we were having an Art Mart in Mainz. 
I like the way the stand looks like this time.
I have not brought  much stuff along. 
Some Jewelry and crochet arts and it was the first time to manage to have a stand in this way and I kind of like it though.
I find the level stand make things look nicer, it gives the dimension and because of the Sun was shining strongly so my creations looking very happy there.

It was nice to see many people and friends who came to visit (although, I have no photos of the friends to share as we are simply spending the time to talk and talk, so forgot to take the photo)

Here are some of the works of my Jah (hubby)  
~ ~
It was truly a beautiful day to spent outside.
Although, we have not sold much like we suppose to, but we have much fun to meet friend and family there.
Sometime, that is enough to just go out and sharing your love with people around you.

Sending much love to you all.
~ ~

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