Thursday, October 9, 2014

~ Sisterhood ~

Gypsy Souls
~ ♥ ~
 "La la laa lan la...... lan la lan la......"
The Gypsy rhythms rumble inside my ears.
How long does it take for one soul to meet another soul!
The long lost souls in the chaotic world, the same street that history has created, the same song repeating itself, only the time is changed, but everything else remains.......... The same street, same door......
two souls have met.

The simplest thing can become a precious moment and soon enough the moment become
A memory!

I love that how the HEART has it´s own language and with the heart language the distance or time become meaningless.
I realized that to LOVE someone or to embrace the intangible connection that feel so real in such a short period of time is truly a BLESS!
It´s feeling like my SOUL knows the person that stand in front of me, I could see my own reflection in he/she.
To me, TIME is nothing, but the ILLUSION that we, as human gives so much meaning to it.
 I want to live moment by moment and do only what my heart is longing for.
I know in my very being that I am walking in the path my heart longing for.

Sometimes, Life gives us so many choices and many other times seem like we have no choice at all!
I feel like my Destiny has been written before I even know it, but the funny part is that,
it has been written by me.
I often feel that deep inside of me, living another, the wise, the wisdom, the soul!
On this beautiful road of life, I have come to realize that Life can be smooth like the red carpet if we understand that everything happen for us to learn and grow from it.
As I am standing next to You,
I do not cling nor attach to the worldly roll!
I simply stand and knowing in my heart that this is also will be passed.
Nothing will last forever, but the PURE SELF!

May You always hear the whisper sounds of your Heart in this noisy world.
~ ♥ ~


  1. Beautiful, this is just how I feel about my best friend :)

    1. ~ ♥ ~ Yeah is truly a blessing, to have a good friend! ~ ♥ ~


~ ♥ ~ I´m glad you are here ~ ♥ ~