Wednesday, October 15, 2014

~ Inspirations ~

The World always gives us an inspiration!
Either, we are aware of it or not.
~ ~
 Last weekend we were in a Medieval Market in town and I was amazed with this beautiful, colorful Pumpkins ^:^

I love this shop
~ ~

She is so adorable!

Korbach Town
~ ~

Colors of Autumn
 ~ ~
 As we drove back home, I was stunned by the beauties of these leaves that changing itself.
How could one ever feel bored of life, when all around us is a movement, a beauty, an ever changing that takes place all the time.

I am creating my first Granny Square
~ ~

When we got home, my heart knows what I need to do!
An Autumn Blanket!
I got an inspiration from this wonderful artist  Magda
She really made beautiful blankets out of different designs of Granny Square.
Every Square is so Unique!
~ ~

While I´m crocheting this beauty, I couldn´t help it, but realize that we are really like a 

So beautiful and unique in such different way!

We have different colors, but not that one is more beautiful than another, we just totally DIFFERENT and BEAUTIFUL in our own way!

Crochet is truly a Meditative state of mind
~ ~

Today the Sun is shining outside, but the air somewhat of cold.

So I just gonna sit here and continue my Autumn Blanket.

Sending much love your way!
~ ~


  1. Hello May - Beautiful photos. I love your granny squares - the colors are warm and wonderful. I can't wait to see it when it's finished. I have recently started to crochet again, and I agree with you, it absolutely puts you in a meditative state. Enjoy the process.

  2. ~ ♥ ~ Hi Susan, I´m so happy to hear that you crochet again. I always have a yarn and hook with me everywhere I go hihihihihi ^:^
    I love that we can feel ourselves and be in the moment, the meditative state of mind in what we love to do and that is the most profound way of living. Thank you so much for leaving your comment here, glad to be connected with the like minded. Would love to see what you make as well. Much love and gratitude your way ~ ♥ ~


~ ♥ ~ I´m glad you are here ~ ♥ ~