Friday, April 25, 2014

~ My Passion is endless ~

Are you making your own Clothes and Jewelry?

I love making everything by hand!
Handmade Clothes and Jewelry is much more personal to me than the factory made. Because when you buy handmade creations you not only buy the items but you buy the happiness and journey into each piece that the person craft for you. 

You can also learn to make thing yourself, many people have such talent, but they are just afraid to start!
I heard someone said  "Oh, I want to make my own clothes, but I´m afraid to cut the fabric and ruin it!"
Why are you afraid? First of all, don´t aim for PERFECTION, but for the fun and allow creative energy to flow.

Making your own clothes is not only make your heart and mind happy, but it is also another form of meditation. Because you will be concentrating on it and be in the NOW where you are cutting and sewing. 

I actually just start to make my own clothes 2 years ago when I bought myself the sew machine and since then I have created many beautiful things for many people around the world.

I start to make the Jewelry since I was in Thailand as the MAGICAL healing properties of the Crystals and Stones has played a big part in my life.

2 years ago I have open my first shop online at

GipsyGreen was my first born baby, where I started with Jewelry (since 2010 I made and sell my jewelry on the Island)
Later on I started to sew my own clothes using Upcycled material, so I had decided to have GipsyGreen to stand for Mother Earth´s Child Clothing and I have open another shop LematineeCrystals only for my Shamanic - Wearable Medicine.

Here are some of my creations ^_^

You can visit my shops on Etsy here:

Have you created anything for yourself?


  1. I create jewellry sometimes, but i don't have that much time.
    Your creations are beautiful ♥

    1. Hi Kivi,

      thank you so much for your word.. Sorry for the late reply, I have just found your comment now ;-) ♥ Would love to see your creation too ;-)


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