Sunday, May 4, 2014

~ Inner Beauty ~

The Inner beauty is everlasting!

What do you do besides using all organic natural skin care? 
Do you eat healthy?
Do you exercise enough?

I ask myself if I am doing all enough to have a beautiful natural clear skin or I just focusing too much on the outer.
As it´s so easy to forget what the body really need to achieve the natural glowing skin and most importantly to be healthy.

I find it is very important to be mindful with what I am consuming each day. I don´t eat meat but I do eat fish once in a while. I used to drink coffee but now not anymore, I know that there are some good benefits from coffee but my body does not like it so much. I don´t drink diary neither as I found it not good for my body as it´s contained hormone and not good for the skin. I replace it with Rice milk.

I used to eat rice for breakfast for a long time. I guess because I am Thai, so this is what we eat in my country. But since my husband taking care the breakfast for us, my breakfast routine has changed and I just love it this way.

~ Vegen Breakfast ~
Rice flakes 
Hemp flour
Coconut flour 
Grapeseed flour
Green Apple




Rice germ
Ground nut flour
Buckwheat flour


Although, I am not a Vegan but I just couldn´t say NO to this yummy. ^_^
What do you eat for breakfast?

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