Friday, April 18, 2014

~ Oil Cleansing Method ~

Have you heard of Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)?

So far OCM is the most effective for my Acne prone skin.

What is OCM and How is Work?
OCM is the natural way to cleanse your face using the Oil Cleansing Method.
As OIL DISSOLVE OIL Its cleanse deeply into the pores without drying out your skin. Its help to balance the Natural oil, so the skin does not need to produce more oil which causes breakout when the oil mix with dirt or make -up(this is just one of many causes of Acne).
Although, this method needs time to see the result. You may feel the change right after the fist time you apply this method that your skin become softer and smoother but to really see the improvement of skin PH balance the regular use require.
Why OCM is work for Acne Prone Skin or any Skin type?
OCM works great with any skin type because Oil is the natural substance that our body also made of (make sure to use 100% natural food grade oils) its have no harm to the skin although you need to be cautions and find your own ratio that your skin loves to be treated with.

What type of Oil is GREAT for OCM? 
There are many GREAT oils out there in the market.
Here is the list of the Oils:

°Jojoba - all skin types, great for Acne prone skin. (this is my favorite oil so far)
°Grapeseed - all skin types, great for oily skin.
°Sweet Almond - all skin types, again great for oily skin.
°Sunflower Seed -all skin types.
°Olive - all skin types, I found it´s a bit too thick for my Acne prone skin.
°Avocado - dry and aging skin.
°Apricot Kernel - normal, dry and aging skin.
°Argan - all skin types, great for aging skin but quite expensive.
°Tamanu -all skin types … again pricey.

You can use Coconut oil if you wish but I found it too thick and clogged my pores.

***Oil list advice from CrunchyBetty ***
CrunchyBetty have mentioned  about Castor Oil and how great it is for the skin but I have never used the Castor Oil myself. I have now ordered it and definitely will try and will let you all know.

My Oil Cleansing Ratio
As I have Acne prone skin so I use Jojoba Oil and it´s GREAT! My skin loves it!
I fill Jojoba Oil into 50ml amber glass bottle then add 10 drops of Tea tree essential Oil.
If you have Acne prone skin like mine, you can try this ratio. You can add less Tea tree essential Oil at first to see how your skin respond but I do not reckon to add more than 10 drops as it might irritate your skin.

How do I Clean my Face with Oil
I simply pour the oil out on my hands (not much and not too less) I apply the oil all over my dry face and massage. If you are wearing make-up its will melt down all that you put on your face.. RIGHT! it  is the BEST make-up cleanser!
After the massage part let the oil sit on your skin for about 30 second or more than running hot water (as hot as you can stand) dunk your washcloth under until it soaked.
Squeeze the water out then apply the washcloth over your face, let it sit for about 15 second then gently wipe your face with it. Wash your washcloth in the hot water and replete it until you have wiped off all the oil from your face.
You will be AMAZE how your skin feels right afterward.

Just like other thing in our life. That what is good for you does not mean it will be good for everyone else.
So be smart try it and see how your skin react.
Note: for some people in the first week the skin will release the waste out in the form of more Acne but you need to be patient and give your skin time to adjust to the Natural cleansing method.
Know what you are putting on your face its way better than buy something that have an Ingredient that you cannot even pronounce it.

Do you clean your face with Oil?
What Oil do you use?

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