Wednesday, April 23, 2014

~ Make Your Own Lip Balm So Easy and Yummy ~

What do you put on Your Beautiful Lip?

Do you know that many famous brands of Lipstick or Lip Balm in the market that said "NATURAL" still have some ingredients that can harm your health!!!

I don´t mean that none of them are good, but just to mention so you know and watch carefully with the ingredients before you buy or use them on your beautiful Lip.

I am one of those whom have a very hard time finding the right product that feel safe to use on myself, after years and years of allergies with almost all of the products out there, I finally like to make everything from my own kitchen. So I know what is in it.

And today I have made this delicious Lip Balm

Lilac petals made this Lip Balm even more Sweet!

Lilac have a wonderful scent but in this tin you can´t really smell it as the Shea Butter take over the scent.

I guess now you wanna know the recipe right ^_^
Here you go:

40 g. Shea Butter
40 g. Carrier Oil with Vitamin E
20 g. Beeswax
Some Lilac Petals but you can use any petals you wish.
Container to keep your Lip Balm

With the measurement I can fill 6 tins of 20ml
You can put less Beeswax or more oils if you want your Lip Balm to be less solid.

Okey here is the update for the this recipe!

I made it again yesterday and I have changed amount of the ingredients and it´s just perfect for the weather here, but if you love to have your Lip Balm a bit harder to suit your home climate then stick with the one above.
This is the new scale:

1 part of Shea Butter
1 part of Beeswax
3 parts of Carrier Oil with Vitamin E (together)

Here how´s turn out

How to make it 
You can use a double boil method, but I use a small pot 
1. Place all ingredients in your double boil or pot.
2. Set it on the stove, but make sure is in a low heat.
3. Stir it until all is melted down.
4. Turn off the heat and now you can add the Essential Oil if you wish and keep stir for a second, then remove the pot away from the stove and add the petals.
5. Pour in the tins or tube to contain your Lip Balm. 

Now is DONE ^_^
It´s made a great gift with a pretty label on it and most of all the yummy stuff in it with 100% Natural!

I call it 
 ~ Li~ li~ cious ~ 
Enjoy make your own Lip Balm or if you would like to purchase from me, you can simply click the link here

Have you ever made your own Lip Balm yet?

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