Tuesday, September 30, 2014

~ Wilde Blumen Scarf ~

 "Wilde Blumen" meaning Wild Flowers!
~ ~

How do you like it?
I have created countless crochet arts, but have never managed to write the patterns down.
So, with this creation something inside keeps telling me to start to write it down and so I did.
This pattern is my own creation and I am happy to finally can share it with you.
However, before we go to the pattern detail, let me show off my work a little bit more ^:^
~ ~

 I amaze with the color of this fabulous yarn.
Mclana Jazz has been my forever favorite, I have been using yarn from Mclana Jazz in many of my creations and still fall in love with it again and again!
~ ~

All these amazing colors are from the same roll.
~ ~

I have made 22 of Wilde Blumen.
~ ~

And this is how it looks on me.
~ ~

It can be worn in many ways, you just play around with it.
~ ~

And if you wonder, who taking all the photos?!?
Ah, it was me.
I told you, I love every step of it!
~ ~

So do you feel like making your own Wilde Blumen scarf?
If so, here is the pattern for you.


Happy crocheting everyone.
~ ~

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