Monday, September 29, 2014

~ When the Sun shines ~

We are living in the Paradise
~ ~
 I never really realize that where we are is truly a paradise until now!
Germany is so beautiful to me. The landscape and cooling weather seem to be my favorite.
I found myself enjoying the Sun more than the time being in my home country Thailand. 
I think we can appreciate when the Sun is not too strong and the combination of a fresh wind, oh is just the heaven to me.

Happiness is within
~ ~
No any moment is precious as the NOW moment hihihihi!
Water is a big part of us, so I have no wonder why I feel so alive just to be close to the water.
I do miss the sea, but to have a lake nearby is already a blessing!

 Look out
~ ~
Many times relaxing seems to take much effort for many of us, but for some of us just sit and breath is the best relaxing moment ever.

The Sun is shining
~ ~
 I love to see the Sun above the water, either the Sea, Lake or river.
The glittering that the Sun makes the water looks, it´s truly Magical to me.
Although, the photos don´t do any justice to it.

Coming together
~ ~
 Outdoor crochet makes me feel good.

Die Wilde Blumen
~ ~
I love love love this flower so much.
I name it Wilde Blumen and yes, I will have my first free pattern of this beauty to share with you as soon as I finish my Wilde Blumen scarf.

~ ~
I love the color combination of this wool.
Can you believe that these are coming from the same roll.
Mclana Jazz has the best Magic touch of blending.


Wish you all a Powerful Monday
with much Love Light & Magic
~ ~

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