Monday, September 29, 2014

~ Inner Voice ~

For a very long time I have been looking for you.
And here I am standing right next to you.
I´m holding you and let go the rest of me to fall.
Now I know, that with you I am safe,
with you, 
I am Home.
~ ~

Is there anything I need to know?
Is there anything that important to my life at all?
You said:
Drop everything that´s not belong to you here,
You are the absolute, the blessing, the whole!
~ ~

I open myself to you and all of the sudden my heart is filling with light.
Light that has no beginning and no ends.
The light that shines from the within and light up the whole Sky!
~ ~

Today I decide to let go what I don´t need, for I know that my POWER is HERE & NOW!
I repeat myself again and again
"What I don´t need, I let it GO!"
~ ~

 I ask for the great spirit to come and be by my side.
I invite the unknown to walk with me.
I cherish the Mother Earth, Sky, and every creature that sharing the sacred space and frequency.
I give thanks for what comes and goes.
I pray for my heart to always know what to fight for and what to let go.
~ ~


May you hear your own inner voice that makes more sense than any noise.
May you see your own beauty and believe in how perfectly YOU ARE!
~ ~

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