Wednesday, November 5, 2014

~ Fairy Spirit Calling ~

A Whimsical Hoodie Collar
~ ♥ ~
 I created this piece for a very special Fairy!
You know, sometimes I hear whispers, voices from the spirit world or you can call Muse!
Just like this creation! Deep in my heart known that I made this for someone, someone that has not found her ways here yet, someone that is now on her ways to meet this beauty ♥

 So Whimsical and Magic 
~ ♥ ~

 Wrist Warmers looks so beautiful to me ^.^

The shade of blue reminding me of the Ocean, which I have been missing for years now.
There are so many thoughts and feeling through the process of birthing her to life and I wish so... that her´s partnership will find her soon, so that she would feel the love and warm that this piece will give her.
I call this beauty
Whispering Ocean

Wish You A Beautiful ~ Magical Day
~ ♥ ~

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