Saturday, November 15, 2014

~ Let´s get Funky ~

Sometimes, I just love to make a Funky stuff!
~ ♥ ~

As you can see all of my creations are using these HeArt made buttons from Juliane, one of my favorite Fairy Sister!  
You can find these wonderful handmade wooden buttons at MamaManili
Feel free to write to her for custom made buttons for you or many other beautiful things that she creates.

I know you would already have a question in your mind that "If she going to share this pattern too?"
Oh, I wish I could!
Have ever happened to you that you were just crocheting and have no clue about what are you doing and of course no writing the stitches down as well!
Yeah, that´s what had happened to me.

Well, but I think you can find the answer for it.. 
Look! the back part on the top is a solid triangle granny. It´s the same pattern with Granny Square,  but only 3 instead of 4

The spiral part, will be a little bit of a challenge, but I´m sure you can fix it out. Just crochet in a circle, increase in every second round and when you got the size you wish, then in a very half way turn your work and crochet the other way around! You know what I mean?

The front part, I´ve just crocheted long scarf in the size that fit small woman and sew it in together.
So this Funky Vest are 3 parts sew into 1
I name it

Spell - Pixie Vest

If you make something like this, please share with me.. I would love to see your Funky Vest!

Happy Weekend everyone!
~ ♥ ~


  1. Hi May - You are just amazing! All of your pieces are so unique and beautiful and you always know the perfect colors to use. I can picture these selling in an upscale boutique in NY city. You really have a special gift. Thanks for sharing.

  2. ~ ♥ ~ Hello Susan, your comment brings me a smile ^_^ I just follow my heart and it´s always take me to the place that I need to be. I dream that my creation will find a new loving home as they deserves to be worn than sitting here in the closet. These days I was very busy setting up my new website, although still many things to do and learn, but I´m ready to share it with you, I actually do make jewelry as well, I use healing crystal & gemstones.. Please come by
    Sending you much Love & warmth hug ~ ♥ ~
    Thank you so much for always stop by here ~ ♥ ~

  3. Oh, I can't wait to see your jewelry. I love crystals and gemstones. xoxo


~ ♥ ~ I´m glad you are here ~ ♥ ~