Thursday, July 3, 2014

~ Tribal ~

I love when I have time to weaving something beautiful… ♥ 
I am creating this beauty for my beloved friend and I just love every step of making it…
Although, I am in the middle of packing but I just could not resist to have a break to knotting, weaving sewing… ♥ 

I have many colors of the leather that my friend gave to me last year, I do not buy new leather, rather giving a new life to the old leather that about to just be in the trash.
Working with leather it is a big thing to me, as a person who don´t eat meat and sewing the leather seem such contradictory, but for me it is a spiritual practice in it as I know in my heart that the leather I am holding, sewing once was live and I do respect the spirit of the animal and somehow it led me to created many beauties out of it with no pattern at all, I just follow the voice within and without. ♥ 

Gathering tool  ♥ 

Coming together  

  Tadahhhh… Done  

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